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  • Michael Wimbury

An Introduction To Carpet Recycling

The Problem At Hand

We've always felt strongly about recycling. We've been in the carpet and flooring industry for over 15 years, fitting domestic and event carpets. We've seen the best and the worst.

It didn't surprise us that less than 2% of carpet waste gets recycled annually. The rest goes straight into landfill. To put it into perspective, that's the area size of Birmingham every year. So we decided to be one of very few to take action.

Over 130,000 tonnes of carpet waste is incinerated annually, emitting dangerous chemicals and carbon emissions into our atmosphere.

Our Vision

For a long time, we just couldn't turn out vision into a reality. The money, space and time required were too much. But it became more and more likely following our success in the carpet and flooring industry.

We wanted to create opportunities for local carpet shops and individuals to recycle their carpet waste quickly and affordably. We pushed hard over a long period to make it happen. We worked with the local government and finally became the only certified carpet recycling service in the Midlands.

Being certified has had an enormous impact. It means we're trusted, making people feel confident in us and our ability. Since then, we've already been able to help carpet shops get rid of all their carpet sustainably and at a great price.

For a long time, many businesses had no option regarding recycling carpets, but we changed that by becoming a centralised outlet for carpet waste in the Midlands.

How Does It Work?

One thing that we feel strongly about is being transparent in our approach. So how do we recycle our carpet? What happens to recycled materials?

Well, first, we get the carpet from anywhere and everywhere. It comes from carpet shops, our customers, and our carpet waste (We will also take any cardboard and polythene wrap). Once we receive the carpet, we split it into categories, Wool, synthetics, and exhibition carpet. Once sorted into categories, we place them into our state-of-the-art balers.

The balers then compress and pack the carpet into bales. We then put the bales into large machines that separate all the materials. Once the materials are separated, they can be used in other products. We use all these materials to create high-quality horse surfaces.

Carpet waste is a huge issue, but every little we take is less that goes into landfills.

What Can You Do?

With our help, you can do your part in reducing the volume of dangerous chemicals and carbon emissions, which is true whether you have lots or very little. Our service isn't just for large businesses with vast amounts of carpet.

Recycling carpet is an inspiring project, and we hope you can join us on our journey because this is just the beginning. You can follow all our carpet recycling updates on Facebook and Instagram.

So if you want to do your part, contact us now or visit us in-store.

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